Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An iPhone Attached at the Hip

The bag phone was out and brick phones were in, and then we went from Blackberry to iPhone. It seems like we have never been more connected and, dare I say, dependent on our phone than we are today, they are figuratively "attached to our hip". With Blacksmith-Labs, your iPhone can now be literally attached to your hip, in full-grain cowhide leather.

Leather goods are becoming more and more in demand as we see many synthetic materials flooding the market place. I always love coming across a new brand and hearing the story of how it came to life. Blacksmith-Labs was born on Kickstarter in October 2013. The founders really set out to make a case that was differentiated from others, mainly on quality of materials and construction.

The company has since grown and now features 3 different product lines- Barrett, Bruno, and Horween. I got my hands on the Bruno, and let me just say that it feels much nicer to have soft, supple leather in my hand versus hard plastic!

The Bruno is one of the company's signature items- featuring a minimalistic look and design that allows for the slimmest profile while hugging your iPhone. It also features hand-stitched leather and the brands signature metal alloy clip, something unique to Blacksmith-Labs.

Discovering new cases for the iPhone is always fun, and I enjoy being able to mix up the "look" of my phone by changing out cases. The Bruno was something different than I ever had. Note that the iPhone will only slip into the case without any sort of small plastic, protective covering on the phone. While I do not carry my phone on my hip, I do find that the clip is useful for inside a that may not have a lot of pockets, etc and the clip is also functional for traveling.

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