Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Spot: The Yard at the SoHo Grand

Summer in New York is all about finding great spots outdoors-rooftops, terraces, decks. Ones with views are even better! A great summer spot to hangout and enjoy the hot weather while feeling like you are on a tropical island is this summer's pop-up at the Yard at the SoHo Grand Hotel: Gilligan's.

You can probably get a sense of what this summer hotspot is like from the name- beachy, relaxed, and tropical. Under vine covered arbors with white lights and tables under beach umbrellas, Gilligan's has amazing drinks and is a great place to meet friends. 

The people behind Gilligan's were the same people running Moby Dick, a very popular pop-up that was located in Montauk last summer. This transformative hangout features small dishes and drinks, of which the watermelon margarita is by far the most popular and very refreshing. It was my drink of choice upon visiting:

If you are looking for a relaxed, nautical vibe in the middle of Manhattan, Gilligan's at The Yard is definitely worth checking out!


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