Monday, July 8, 2013

Classically East Hampton

The Eastern end of Long Island is filled with some of the best natural spaces, especially during the summer month. The Hamptons are the perfect weekend getaway from the sweltering heat of the city during summer months. 

This past weekend I spent in East Hampton. It is one of my favorite towns to spend weekends in. The weather was perfect for the beach- no clouds and a slight, persistent breeze. I spent the day on the beach and then lunched and shopped in town. A perfect way to pass a summer day if I say so myself. 

East Hampton has a very specific aesthetic that is easily recognizable, as pictured above. A lot of the homes are constructed from light grey wooden shingles as they line the beach. It is home to Main Beach as well, one of the top rated beaches in the country. It is very scenic and perfect for taking walks. Additionally, as you drive or walk through down, you will instantly notice all of the hydrangeas. It seems like almost every picket fence has a row of the colorful flower in a shade of white, blue, or purple in front of them. A shingled house with a white fence and hydrangeas, now that;s classically East Hampton. 


  1. beautiful!:)

  2. OK I feel DUMB! I didn't know the Hamptons were on Long Island. Oops lol!

    Looks absolutely beautiful!


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