Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Music Seminar Held in New York

The New Music Seminar kicked off on Sunday and just concluded at the New Yorker Hotel here in Manhattan. Conferences kicked off Monday as Apple's rumors of launching a streaming music service came to an end with the announcement of iTunes Radio. Many music executives discussed Apple's decision, New Music Seminar founder Tom Silverman stated, "We are extremely happy that Apple has chosen to announce the launch of iTunes radio during the NMS. Apple's entry into this burgeoning market brings us another step closer to achieving the 100 billion dollar music business. 

Day 1 highlights included keynotes by notable figures in the industry such as Frank Cooper of PepsoCo, the president of Clear Channel, and Rio Caraff, CEO of VEVO. Additionally, one of my favorite music product companies, Bang & Olufsen, launched under their B&O Play label in conjunction with Danish Band, Mew, their new Sensory Space app. The vice president gave a preview of the new application for smartphones.

Most notable on day 2 was kicked off by the "Building the 100 Billion Dollar Music Business" presentation. The discussion looked at the ever changing trends of the music industry how to generate revenue in the new era of music by featuring a panel of forward thinkers in the industry. Expanding this point, an intensive led Adam Shore of The Daily Swarm identified the growing importance of the relationship between brands' sales and music. He points out that some of the brands that successfully work with music such as Red Bull Music, Converse, and Scion.

Many exciting things have come out of this year's NMS for those who love the music industry. It's an exiting event for the industry. I'm sure will all be interested in using iTunes radio specifically. 

Photos courtesy of Workman Entertainment Public Relations

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