Friday, June 28, 2013

Hopenlife Launches Linen Collection

Linen is the perfect fabric for summer occasion. It is lightweight and breathable, yet looks slightly dressy and chic. Hopenlife is a French men's lifestyle brand that was created in 1987. The brand spans three lines: Premium, Lifestyle, and Hipstyle.

The new Hopenlife linen collection revisits the sophistication of linen with a range of shirts, Bermuda shorts, and trousers in the perfect summer colors. The focal piece of the collection is a trouser with the effect of denim. Thus, it allows for a more urban style that is still crafted in linen.

On a side note, linen is an eco friendly fiber. The farming of linen requires neither water nor pesticides. The plant itself detains parts of carbon that spread throughout the atmosphere. Do you love linen in the summer time? You can see each Hopenlife collection at

Photos: David Guili, HopenLife


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