Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Mulberry Project

This weekend a friend and myself stepped out to The Mulberry Project in Little Italy. The venue is a downtown hotspot, and it was my first time visiting. I had heard about it, but didnt know what to expect. All the rumors about easily walking by it are true. The entrance is literally unmarked, and surround my graffiti covered walls on either sides. The only thing standing out is the not so pleasant bouncer. 
Mulberry Project is known for its bespoke cocktails, and made-to-order concoctions from the seasons freshest ingredients. However,  beware a drink thats about 5 sips will set you back $20. 

The venu is interesting and has an outdoor patio tucked away in the back, but the people and employees are unnecessarily obnoxious. Lets be honest, this isnt meatpacking's hottest club or anything. So while the drinks are good, I'm not in any hurry to go back as I have other preferable venus around town. 

Source: yelp.com via Amish on Pinterest


  1. I hate when you go to a new place and the staff ruins it for you. Hello you are paying their bills. It wouldn't kill them to treat you with some common decency.

  2. That's too bad if it was good. Such a shame when people who are supposed to be serving you act like that.


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