Monday, June 18, 2012

5 Random Monday Thoughts

Is it just me, or is June flying by? The summer always ends up becoming such a blur.  I never know what day of the week it is. 

  • My apartment is now 97% furnished and complete. So excited :D
  • I have an unexpected week of vacation right now...thank god. I need a new job pronto
  • The other Monday I mentioned unexpected moments. Life is so funny because I had one thrown at me, and so far it has been nothing but positive.
  • Is anybody else cursed by the fact that the weather is beautiful on your day at work and not so nice on your day off?? Its killing me.
  • I indulged a little this weekend: Artichoke Pizza, Bagels, and Laduree. You can guess which was my favorite :)


  1. I think I have that very same curse, haha! And the Laduree looks fantastic!

  2. So true about the weather! Although when it's cold and overcast outside I just want to be at home, wrapped in a comforter, pjs on, watching movies lol.

    Enjoy your week off - lucky! ;)

  3. The place I used to work had NO windows in the entire building, the only way we could see out was security cameras (which I guess made sense since it was a security building). I wouldn't even know we were having a beautiful day until I would go out on my lunch break. And of course it would rain on the weekend.

  4. I love Laduree! I picked up a candle from their store in Paris.. It is my favorite candle


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