Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maybe It Wasnt Meant To Be

I was always a Blackberry person..since and early age. In the team iphone vs. Blackberry I always sided with Blackberry. Then the iPhone kept getting improvements, the apps become great, and well, there I was the only person sans iPhone. I even wrote about the ongoing debate before.

Here we are, about 6 months after I switched to the iPhone for the second time...and its broken. I was caught in a horrific downpour while running out to Whole Foods the other night, and little did I know even in my pocket, my little white lifeline would lose its sound. 

Is this a sign? Am I meant to be on the ever outdated Blackberry forever? Perhaps the success (or lack of) of my visit to the Apple store in an attempt to have them give me a new phone will tell. 


  1. I'm still not on the iPhone. I love my Droid...except the battery life. If they'd give me a stronger battery, I'd be blissfully happy. So sorry to hear about he iPhone in the rain.

  2. Haha, I've had both and definitely prefer the iPhone! But I guess you'll see!

  3. ahan what a cool move, i prefer blackberry for much professional outlook.


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