Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Perhaps the Biggest #WhiteKidProblem

Im sure we all follow @whitekidproblems on Twitter right?? Its just too funny. I feel like my life and a lot of those surrounding are faced with these "white kid problems" on at least a daily basis. The biggest of these "problems" is the ongoing debate of choosing the Blackberry or iPhone.

I was the kid who had a Blackberry starting in 8th grade (make all judgements now :) ). I used it religiously until the iPhone 3G came out, and decided to make the switch. The iPhone had all the cool apps and was the new "it" piece of technology, and we always like to be up to date. The iPhone however did not sync well with my email since I did not use Gmail or any of other other platforms that sync perfectly with the iPhone. I was deleting my emails twice, if i deleted it on my computer it would not delete on my iphone, ect.....I missed my Blackberry and its ability to sync perfectly with any email client.

3 months later I switched back to a new Blackberry. I've continued to use a Blackberry and BBM has become an essential, but I am at that point where I am ready for an iPhone yet again. Especially after Apple's exciting announcements about iCloud and iMessage yesterday I know I will be switching again in the near future. Since the time I had an iPhone there are waaay more features and waaay more apps.

Who knows, maybe a few months later I be wishing i still had a blackberry. I just cant decide! #whitekidproblems

What do you prefer?

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  1. I had that lovely old curve from when I was a senior in hs to summer after freshman year of hs. What's funny is I was one of the first to have a smart phone as a senior in hs.

    Now I have a droid (this was before iphone came out to verizon) and actually love it!! I'm due for an upgrade in 8 months and I don't know it will be a tough decision between iphone and droid.

  2. I had the blackberry for YEARS... well not just "the" blackberry more like 8 or 10 blackberrys. When my screen finally froze and said "Saturday 11:00am" for nearly 3 days (and nothing could fix it) I switched to the iphone and seriously haven't been happier. The technology of the iphone is INSANE... nothing can beat it! Since I have a school email account, my email didn't work with it. But I had a gmail account from creating this blog and i just had all of my emails forwarded to my gmail account (and kept a copy in my other account) and added gmail to my phone! It was easy!! TEAM IPHONE

  3. I just came across your blog while I was searching for app suggestions. I just got the white one yesterday!!! SAME "PROBLEM" - haha! I still have my work Blackberry... already I like the iPhone muchhhh better.

  4. I;m going to the Lilly Warehouse sale! I'm so excited! Oh and I am in NEED of a new phone. I've been living off a yucky "temporary" phone for the past two years...ummmm upgrade!?

  5. i have a blackberry but am constantly frustrated with it!! i cannot wait to switch to the iphone on july 7!!!

    also, what is icloud???? googling now.


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