Thursday, January 12, 2012

European Nostalgia

As the majority of my friends begin their departures over the next 2 weeks for semesters abroad, I cannot help but feel nostalgic for Europe and have regret for not doing a semester abroad as well. Why did I make this decision? It was part incompetent academic advisers and large part fear of living in another country alone so soon. Reflecting on this now, it would have probably been good for me to have the experience.

I would have gone to Paris, and finally become fluent in French. After studying it for 6 years one would think that he would be fluent, but that just does not seem to be the case! Paris me manque. J'y suis alle deux fois et je suis tombe en amour avec la ville. There is just something about Paris that you can only sense if you have been there. It would have been my home for 16 weeks, and Im sure it would have been filled with amazing experiences, not to mention all the other traveling I could have done.

So as all my friends prepare to embark on European adventures, Im just preparing to return to normal school. It will be weird without them, however, I hope amazing experiences will happen here so I can feel less regret about my decision.

I have come to this conclusion: I must try my hardest to make an appearance in Europe this spring. Looking at flights for spring break has already i just have to get the parents on board!


  1. Lets pack our bags and go right now! I regret not studying abroad as well. I would have loved to have gone to Paris, London or Florence

  2. Oooo I would love to live in Paris. I have been there twice and I want to live there and soak up the culture so badly. French men and women are so chic! You should go for it for Spring break!

    XO Lucy

  3. My biggest college regret is not studying abroad. I wish I would have done it. None of my friends did and I never heard much about it so it never really crossed my mind. Do it at some point if you can!

    I hope you get to visit this spring!

  4. My college bestie wasn't able to study abroad, but majored in French. After college she worked for a few months before finding an international internship and moved to Paris by herself for three months. There is always time for Paris later on down the road! What about a summer program? (And, yes, a trip to visit friends this semester in Europe sounds very necessary for you.) ;)

  5. One of my biggest regrets was not studying abroad, but my fear of flying and not having the choice of chicken fingers for dinner every night freaked me out! I highly encourage you visiting! its almost like a minnie study abroad. plus you'll get to buy awesome clothes over there!


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