Friday, January 13, 2012

Fashion Friday: Weekend Wear

I dont know a single person that does not look forward to the weekend. While many are stuck in suits and business clothes during the week, the weekend is the perfect time to expose that other half of your wardrobe. There are no rules like at the office, so its the best time to express your personal style.

The weekend calls for something easy, but something that allows you leave the house when you suddenly have plans. I personally like waking up with little or no plans and then having the day unfold as it goes along-essentially going from couch to town. Sometimes the best moments seem to be those that happen spontaneously...but thats just me.

To achieve this during the cold months, pair jeans with a good sweater and a basic polo and find that perfect moccasin or driver you live in and you're all set. Of course my options lean heavily towards the preppy and classic side, but thats my entire wardrobe. However, I do believe classic pieces lend themselves to be the most effortless and achieve that put together look the most easily.

We all live for the weekend, so make sure you're dressed comfortable yet put together at the same time so when the phone rings you are ready to go out the door and have fun.

Whats your go-to weekend wear?

Denim: 7 for all Mankind
Polo: Lilly Pulitzer
Sweater: Lilly Pulitzer
Shoes: Sperry

Fashion Friday with Blonde Episodes


  1. oh i love these colors, we're kind of matching with the blue and green...Awesome sweater!

  2. Love the bright lily sweater! A nice punch of color for winter!

  3. Like the green!

    I am currently doing a fashion and beauty blog hop on my blog! come and join in the fun!


  4. Great outfit!!

    Since it's so warm here it's more like Spring attire for us. I'm jealous of your sweater wearing :)

  5. My go-to weekend wear are cargo, a leather jacket and boots.

  6. Your style is awesome! I'm totally digging it!

    Hahahaha, I'm totally about being spontaneous too. I always carry leggings or hot pants with me if I'm wearing a dress. You never know what will end up happening!

  7. Cute stuff. Love your style and your blog.

  8. I am loving this, I like how you paired the denim with Sperrys and Lilly P. it's super casual and classic! If all men could dress like you...

  9. Another great outfit Wes! Kori xoxo


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