Monday, September 12, 2011

Remember, Its The Little Things

I've recently been reminded of the cliche saying "its the little things in life that mean the most"...I guess it may actually be true. As we get caught up in our own lives, I find that we tend to get caught up in ourselves as well, forgetting those around. Family, friends, acquaintances. As we are all starting to slip into work and school mode from the end of summer, I find that this begins to happen all too easily.

Living in a place that can sometimes feel like the most lonely place on the world, I frequently find myself being reminded of the importance of those people most closely around you. What are the little things that can make a difference. For me, at least, it may be a random text that says "hey! how have you been?!" or "hope all is well!", a smile when you pass on the street, your friends know when somethings wrong- when they ask are you ok it makes that much of a difference, or what about that random person that gives you a compliment?

You may be asking whats the point of this little rant of sorts- I just encourage you to be aware of people that are important in your life and do not take them for granted. The next time you get that vibe that something may be bothering your friend, ask them if they're okay. Maybe go out on a limb and surprise someone with a nice text.

Sometimes it really is the small things that can make quite a big difference....give it a try



  1. So true...what a great reminder!

  2. GREAT post! People now can be so rude and inconsiderate and I wish they would just take a step back and think about the little things. Like holding a door instead of letting it go right in front of you. Bumping into you and actually saying sorry. Shoot a thank you every once in awhile is nice.

    So glad I've gotten to learn about you and your blog!

    Hope you have a great week :)

  3. what a great great post!! i esp. love this line "I just encourage you to be aware of people that are important in your life and do not take them for granted."


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