Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Cant Be A Sign

After a weekend filled with nice weather, although humid, its now pouring on the first day of classes. It looked like it could have stormed at any point the past few days, but it waited until today...lets hope this isn't some kind of indication of the semester to come?

....But I did just spend over $300 on two books, already have work when my classes didnt start, bought a planner that isnt even for this year, and have a 28 page syllabus for one of my classes.

Im still kind of in denial about the fact that once again, the library will probably be just as much my home as my actual room and that my cortisol levels are just going to keep elevating as the weeks progress. Getting back into the swing of things and settling in takes some time. I thought the transition would be slightly quicker. However, I'm finding myself very confused by some people in my life and am adjusting to a new area.

Although today was the official first day of classes, I dont have any classes on Tuesday so I have just one more day with a little relaxation. Despite the pouring rain, I made the trek to the Barney's Warehouse Sale. It wasnt as good as last time- I saw a lot of the same merchandise. I did manage to find a pair of James Perse pants that I love.

The remainder of the day may consist of taking refuge in the library from the rain and planning out this crazy semester ahead...and of course Rachel Zoe tonight!

could this image be any more true?!



  1. I am so excited about RZ tonight!!!

    Take today to breathe:) It seems like just yesterday I was reading your post about how sad you were to be leaving school (and NYC) for the summer. Now you are back, but it is an adjustment. For so many reasons. Believe me...these ARE the best years of your life. Embrace them...even the crappy parts. Pretty soon you will graduate, find a job...and there won't be any adjustments. Every day will be just the same as the last.



  2. You poor thing! A 28 page syllabus? WHO DOES THAT?! I'm sure you'll kick butt this semester - good luck :)


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