Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sample Sale Frenzy

This weekend was filled with sample of the great perks of New York. If you have a shopping problem like me, you just cant resist the deals. My favorite of the weekend was definitely Theory. I got a lot of great things.

One of my favorite things for fall/winter is cardigans and sweaters...especially chunky ones. Theory had an abundance of these which was great. I picked up the following.

The second one is going to be so incredibly warm...the picture does not do it justice! I was also thinking ahead to my future a little bit and picked up a new black suit with a subtle stripe.

Theory was also nice enough to throw in a complimentary dress shirt with every suit purchase. The deal started shortly after i got lucky! So i picked out this one to match my new suit.  I highly recommend their classic businesswear. Its so timeless and wont go out of style.
You wont believe what my next purchase was, but check here if you want a little background. But yes, i bought a winter coat. 

I dont have any other ones with this particular styling so i thought it would be a good addition. (The things i do to justify purchases). Plus, wont it be great for over my suit....thats what i was thinking.

The coat was purchased on trip two to the know you cant stop thinking about all that stuff sitting there with such good prices. They extended the end time until tuesday afternoon, so i think one more trip is in store to see if they mark the prices down anymore.

The sale surprisingly had a very calm atmosphere which is a bonus. Most things like this involve very crazy people going nuts over clothes-not the case here thank god!

I also checked out the Rag & Bone sale which was over at Chelsea Market. They had a lot of great options, but the prices were still a little high for a sample sale. When i go to a sample sale, i go in expecting great deals, but everything at Rag & Bone was at least $150 or higher. 

These sales will become my new obsession..which could be a problem! How did everyone else spend their weekend, besides trying to stay warm?

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  1. oh WOW -- i am so jealous. the only "sample" sale i've ever been to is the lilly one... and we both know i'm an addict!
    love the second sweater, it's so gorgeous!


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