Thursday, January 30, 2014

Men's Bags with Jack Spade

A lot of men have a large hesitation about carrying and using a bag. I even wrote a piece at Skimbaco about perfect bags for work and travel that do not have that "murse" stigma. For me, a bag has become essential, especially when living in a city. Each day means lugging around computers, notebooks, moleskines, etc. 

I discovered the great bags that Jack Spade makes a few years ago, before it became the bag hanging on the arm of every young urbanite. They are the perfect, understated bag that gets the job done without being over the top. 

I tend to love the carpenter totes because they are extremely durable, made of canvas with a dipped bottom. This bag holds your daily essentials with some left over room as well. The simplicity in aesthetic is what attracts me to the bags, and they are also available in a nice variety of color combinations.

In addition to the popular totes, Jack Spade makes briefcases which are also available in all leather, messenger bags , and they also have a great line of clothing that is preppy and fun.

You can explore the complete brand online at Jack Spade.

Guys, are you loving Jack Spade?


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