Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inspiration Nearby

Sometimes we do not have to look far for inspiration. Ive been finding that quite frequently its actually right in front of us. I recently took a spin class at NYC's SoulCycle to celebrate the upcoming cover of Fitness Magazine with the Fitness Magazine staff and two special guests. Why would something like this be inspirational? The two women featured on the upcoming Fitness Magazine cover are Olivia Ward and Hannah Curlee- the 2011 winners of the TV show "Biggest Loser".

They were riding front and center, looking wonderful. Perfect form and rhythm. After the class they had an enlarged version of the soon to be released cover. It makes you realize that you cant be afraid to chase your goals. These two women faced on the most challenging goals, weight issues, in front of an audience of millions. It truly is an inspiration, and I am fortunate to be around and workout with these ladies quite frequently.

Olivia and Hannah with Soulcycle instructor Jenny Gaither (shes the best!) 


  1. WOW! They look amazing! Good for them for keeping the weight off!

    Sounds like an inspiring event :)


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