Thursday, June 2, 2011

It might be an #EPP (Every Person Problem)

The other week Little Miss Cant Be Wrong from "How I Met your Father" did a post which she called An #EGP. I read the post when she wrote it, and read it again last night. I feel like this is not just an every girl problem, but an every person problem (#EPP).

The following image is the basis:


I cannot stop re-reading this. It is so true as I look back on the past 4-6 months, especially. Im sure we all have, or perhaps, had people in our lives that complicated it, hurt you, took advantage of you, ect. We didnt realize it at the time, however. It was only after the fact did we realize what exactly was happening.  Then the feelings of "i wish i never met you" begin to arise. 

Perhaps, wishing you never met one is a bit radical. Maybe wishing you never got as close as you did with one may be the actual problem. Going out of your way, sharing your life because you felt a sense of trust with this person. And then suddenly you are, in a sense, cut out of their life. Confusing, right? It's things like this that cause one to not be able to sleep and wake up at 5am every morning for no reason.

Looking back on certain situations, I am filled with regret for my lack of insight and thinking ahead, among other things. As LMCB stated, can someone cut things like Facebook out of my life?!? haha. It seems to add (negatively) to certain things. 

LMCB I hope you will agree that this may be an #EPP! :)


On a side note, I am thinking about only doing my Monday and Wednesday posts, and possibly Fridays during the summer. Would this greatly upset anyone?! haha. Of course I will be tweeting all summer long.


  1. I love the first saying! I think we ALL have been in a situation where that was relevant at some point in our lives! The second saying is my favorittttte. Everything in life teaches you something...whether you know that at the time or not! Thanks for the post!

    Also, I find its a lot harder to post/catch up on blogs in the summer. I was getting a little distraught when I wasn't getting nearly as many comments on my blog as I usually do...then in donned on me- HELLO...summer! Even, I hadn't been blogging a lot! I respect your decision!!

  2. I completely agree with LMCBW and with you. There are people that I sometimes wish I hadn't met. Or that I had been smart enough to avoid. BUT...then would it have been worse with someone else? The lesson that I learned?

    I totally vote for M/W or M/W/F! Actually, I kindove want to join you for that :)

  3. it's a total #epp... i agree with you!

    i like to think we grow bit from each person we meet... but at times i feel like it is the opposite and they have the potential to make us shrink!

    (go for the m/w/f... you need a vacation!)

  4. I love your outlook--think of what it taught you!


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