Sunday, December 27, 2015

An Unusually Warm Winter

The headlines have been saying it all...the weather this winter has been quite crazy across the entire country to say the least. If you live on the east coast, you are familiar with this very warm December that is quickly coming to an end. I believe in my area, there was one day in the entire month that came in average/below average. Christmas Eve day was 30 degrees above normal...shorts anyone?

With the warmer than normal weather, the heavy sweaters and jackets have stayed in the closet. Forget the big parka or ankle length coat, the weather calls for, perhaps, unconventional winter jackets. I am loving this quilted front, sweater back piece from Ralph Lauren Black Label. The piece is heavy enough for the 50-60 degree days we have been having, and the mixed media styling makes the piece fresh and modern.

While it may not be the normal coat that you will show up to a December meeting in, it certainly does fit the bill. I paired it with cotton pants (rather than wool) and classic suede chelsea boots. The modern Balenciaga bracelet adds of touch of interest while remaining subtle.

How are you adapting to the weather in your area?

Jacket: Ralph Lauren Black Label // Pants: Ralph Lauren Black Label // Bracelet: Balenciaga // Boots: John Varvatos

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