Friday, December 11, 2015

5 Sweaters for the Holiday Season

Whether it is a yearly tradition, or you are just getting into the "holiday sweater" trend, do not be afraid as not all holiday sweaters are created equally. With that being said, your holiday sweater does not have to be "ugly" and end up in a social media post with hashtag #uglysweater.

The seasonal sweater has evolved over the years, with many iconic brands offering refined intarsia and winter jacquard prints that are perfect for the office work part or a seasonal open house party. Below are five sweaters that are sure to carry you through all your holiday season functions in style while still remaining festive at the same time. 

Happy Shopping....and being festive!

Beam Plus Suede Elbow Patch Intarsia Sweater - $180 Mr Porter

Polo Patterned Sweater - $245 Ralph Lauren

Gant Rugger Cotton Jacquard Knit Sweater - $165 Mr Porter

Vineyard Vines 1/4-Zip All Over Fair Isle- $185 Vineyard Vines

Club Monaco Fair Isle Jacquard Crew -$149.50 Club Monaco

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