Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bespoke Menswear from Knot Standard

Bespoke or custom menswear from online retailers is nothing new in the world of men's fashion. In fact, I have tried some of these companies and additionally have seen presentations from companies in this area of the menswear market

In a time of men's fashion trends where silhouettes are becoming ever more tailored and refined, I think the need for affordable custom or bespoke products that are easily accessible is ever increasing. I know that I have a challenge finding shirts that do not balloon or pants that fit at both the waist and legs appropriately. While high-end designers tend to have superb fits, sometimes we are not always looking to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new piece for our wardrobe. 

I was introduced to one of the fastest growing custom menswear brands, Knot Standard, and thanks to them, was able to experience their product and experience firsthand. Let me start by simply saying, if you are in the market for affordable, quality menswear, whether for work or play, and a great fit, Knot Standard meets all of these needs!

 The company was founded in 2010, and I love the entrepreneurial spirit behind it. It has evolved to one of the fastest growing companies as ranked by Inc. Magazine, with showrooms in New York, Washington D.C.,  Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Dubai. Additionally, spaces are slated to open in Chicago and Los Angeles in the coming months. 

Personal designers are on-hand in the showrooms to assist with fittings and selections, but the product is also available online. With that being said, what is the online experience like? In one word, I would sum up my experience as effortless. 

There are two major aspects of the online experience, namely selecting your garment and inputting your measurements to ensure the perfect fit. I, of course, find the first part to  be the hardest as I want everything! In the end, I opted for a classic blazer in an iconic herringbone pattern. 

After selecting your piece, there are two choices for getting your measurements into the Knot Standard system- building a 3D body scan using the computer's camera, or following a guided process of taking key measurements of your body so the computer can generate an image of your body, and as a result your pieces will be made to fit your exact measurements. I opted for the latter, and must say that the measurement process was very simple!

I really enjoyed the customization options Knot Standard gives you. For $375 you would not expect to be given the option to select the lining color, have a monogram, or working buttonholes; however, these are all options during the online customization process!

I received my blazer a few weeks after placing my order. It arrived in a nice garment bag, and when I opened the package to try on the piece, I was shocked. I have to be in honest in saying that I was a little skeptical of inputting various measurements and ending up with a blazer at this price point that would fit appropriately. Needless to say, when I slipped on the blazer, it fit like a glove! The fit truly rivals some of my $1,495 sport coats. 

With that being said, I encourage to move at a fast pace to check out Knot Standard!


  1. That 3D body scan is pretty amazing! I can't believe it works! The coat fits you perfectly so they've got it down to a science, clearly.

    I like the classic option you chose.

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