Sunday, November 8, 2015

Diptyque Fragrances for Personal and Home

While I do wear colognes throughout the entire year, I find myself consistently wearing fragrance throughout the fall and winter months. Perhaps this is because I'm attracted to more musky, woodsy scents that are nice compliments to these seasons. I also find myself burning candles regularly starting around this time of the year as well. 

With recent additions to my home and personal fragrance collections from one of my favorite perfumers, Diptyque, it is needless to say that good scents are on my mind! You probably will not open a magazine and see an ad for Diptyque or even glance up at a billboard with their name, however, this iconic French perfumer has been crafting quality fragrances since its inception in 1961. The brand has evolved to include a large olfactory range and products for both personal and the home. It is quite popular among the fashionable crowd as the highly recognizable "oval", unique to the brand" mixes well with an minimal interior designs.

As the fall season is underway and we will begin to slowly enter winter, seasonal scents come to mind such as the small of a warming, wood fire. I love the scent of a woodsy candle burning in the home on a chilly fall day. Needless to say, Diptyque makes one of the best fragrances of this nature. You can find their classic "Feu de Bois" burning in my house throughout the season. One of my reasons for loving Diptyque is the sheer array of fragrances that they offer. From relaxing "Feuille de Lavande" to the Feu de Bois described above, there really is something for any personality to love.

Fragrances make a great gift as the holiday season approaches as well. Do you find yourself burning more candles during the fall and winter seasons? What are your favorites?

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