Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Garrett Leight California Optical Offers CYO

Sunglasses are one of my go-to accessories year round, whether its sunny and 80 degrees or sunny and 10 degrees. They add so much style to a look with minimal effort. Garrett Leight Optical California Optical has been crafting stylish, quality eyewear for quite some time. Their frames are simple and classic- I love the minimalistic designs to a lot of the pieces.

The company recently introduced what they are calling the "Mod Shop." The Mod Shop allows anyone to customize frames according to model, size, frame color, and lens color. Additionally, users can mattify any style, thus the options are virtually endless! The 3D rendering and 360 degree views create a refreshing online shopping experience.

Some of my favorite styles from GLOC are able to be modified, including the classic "Hampton Clip" which is iconic to the brand. This particular frame is perfect for that modern, preppy look. That being said, out with the standard and in with the custom!

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