Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Trending: The Sneaker

The sneaker or tennis shoe has evolved into more than just a shoe for the gym or very casual outfits. The sneaker is now stylish and fashion forward with some styles becoming icons of designers. Don't get me wrong, I love a good loafer, but shopping for cool sneakers has become a favorite. 

Ranging from high-tops to printed low-tops, trendy sneakers can add an interesting element to any outfit. While this look is not for everyone, sneakers are a great way to pull off a modern, urban look. I usually stick to preppy classics, but have been mixing my style up more, incorporating trendy pieces. The sneaker has been a great way to do this.

The high-top has been one of my favorite styles. If this style feels too urban for you, try pairing it with denim on the bottom, but a polo or shirt & cardigan on top to keep some more traditional elements in the look. Above, I paired a dark green pair of Gucci high-tops with slim denim and black polo.

I have a feeling the sneaker will be here to stay for a bit. Below are some of my favorite, current sneakers that make a statement:

The camo and stud sneaker has become synonymous with the Valentino brand.

Are you embracing the sneaker trend?

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