Monday, March 24, 2014

5 Random Monday Thoughts

As I sit here typing this, it is probably not a shock that I am about to type: it is supposed to snow. While spring was ushered in with a mild day, it is back to feeling like January. I have never been yearning for summer so badly after this winter!
  • This is definitely a typical Monday filled with the struggle of getting out of bed after a nice long week off for spring break.
  • Have you seen the Ralph Lauren Spring Prep delivery? Simply perfect! 
  • Currently have All of You by Peter Thomas on repeat...obsessed. Plus it sounds great in my new V-MODA headphones.
  • Also loving the J.Crew spring line and with 25% off or 30% for cardholders it is quite tempting!
  • I recently was turned onto a new Italian wine that I am loving- Ruché....have you had it before?

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