Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Luceplan Celebrates NYC Design Week

Luceplan is an award winning of lighting fixtures based in Milan, Italy. They have a US storefront located in the heart of SoHo here in New York. Last week, the celebrated New York Design Week with the debut of "Synapse", a new creation by acclaimed designer Francisco Gomez Paz.

The Synapse is a product mixed between an object and architecture as its intelligent module design allows for grouping in infinite configurations to create dividers, partitions, and suspended ceilings. Francisco Gomez Paz drew inspiration from nature in this light, and transformed the process that facilitates communication among neurons into a luminous creation. A single electrical wire powers a large number of the modules, and it is contains LEDs of variable colors. This light is truly a piece of art and has a great modern vibe!

The cocktail party at Luceplan was a great way to celebrate design week. While the Synapse was the focus, the store was filled with amazing Italian designed fixtures. 

This was made possible by a media invitation, photos courtesy of Luceplan


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