Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cafe Select SoHo

It's no surprise that going out to eat is one of my favorite things to do in the city. I love trying the city's well known restaurants and trendy spots as well. I recently tried a restaurant that is new to me: Cafe Select in SoHo. 
The small, inviting spot is located on the east side of SoHo and exudes a slightly trendy vibe. The ceiling is covered in hundreds of white christmas lights, and a large rolex clock keeps the time, hanging near the middle of the restaurant. Most everyone was drinking wine, quite inviting. 

Cafe Select's menu changes seasonally which is great because everything is always fresh. They are currently utilizing their Winter 2013 menu. I did not get a full entrée, but instead opted for wine and the chef's selection charcuterie board. It was perfect for a little night meal. 

Cafe Select would make a great spot for a date with its warm, pleasant atmosphere. I will definitely be back to try more items on the menu and perhaps the brunch. Definitely recommended!


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