Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nespresso: For Coffee Lovers

I love, love, love my coffee. I not only love the taste of a rich, bold blend, but I also must admit that I do love the little jolt embodied in coffees and espressos. I have recently entered the world off home brewed espresso thanks to my friends at Nespresso

The Lattisima+ is the ultimate at home machine for any coffee lover. This model includes a milk frother, so I can now make cappuccinos and lattes at home...could not be easier! The machine is nothing less than luxurious as one would expect from a European brand such as themselves. I love the red color because it brings so flair to my kitchen counter. 

Im fully entering the Nespresso brand concept as I continue to stock up on pods, pod holders, and hopefully next some proper espresso glasses. I have been enjoying trying all the different varieties of flavors. The boutique offers a limited edition flavor which is currently Hazlenut. Needless to say, I have been stocking up on that flavor! 

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I am lucky to able to frequent one of the few Nespresso Boutiques currently in the States. I have been stopping by their SoHo location quite often since picking up my machine. The boutique offers a cafe on the lower level with dinning and espresso, and a shop upstairs offering an array of accessories, pod flavors, and Grand Cru tastings. 


  1. We LOVE our Nespresso...I usually froth vanilla almond milk for my lattes! xx

  2. i'd love to have a nespresso machine at home. if only the coffee you put in weren't so expensive :(


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