Monday, February 4, 2013

CATCH Roof New York

CATCH NYC is a relatively new seafood restaurant located in the Meatpacking District of the city. The venue has been open for roughly 2 years and has already established a name for itself as one of the places to go and be seen in the city. 
CATCH is composed of both a restaurant as well as the "roof" which is an amazing lounge in the evening. The restaurant itself is a seafood menu prepared by top chef winner Hung Huynh. They take the approach of larger dishes that continue throughout the meal and are thus meant to share with the entire table- social dinning of sorts.
I did not experience the restaurant part, but I did go out to CATCH Roof with a few friends this past weekend. We had a table which was great so we had continues drinks flowing, a place to sit if we wanted, and were a bit out of the crowd. The DJ was great and the people were all beautiful. If you can make it past the very strict door, you will have a blast. Good luck ;)


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