Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Travel Dreams 2013

Travel is something I love. I think it is such a great way to discover not only new places, but also one's self and what one loves. With hectic schedules year round, I never know where I will end up, however, I can only dream that I will make it to some of these locations in 2013:

The Almafi Coast

Stretching along the southern coast of Italy, the Amafi Coast attracts thousands of tourists each year. I have been lusting over photos of the area for a while now. The beautiful beaches and mediterranean climate are calling my name. See as I have not yet been to Italy, this would be a great way to start!


I recently took up skiing for the first time while on a trip to Aspen. You can read more about Aspen at Skimbaco Lifestyle here and here. I really want to try skiing on the other side of the pond- Europe that is. Courchevel is situated in the French Alps and has been ranked as one of the top ski destinations in Europe. 


Simply put, Paris is always a good idea. It is one of my favorite cities in the world and I miss it dearly. I have experienced Paris during the winter and early spring months but would love to be able to stroll around the beautiful streets during the summer. 


Barcelona is an architecture and art lover's dream city. Filled with beautiful buildings and a rich history the city just looks stunning. It looks like the city offers a ton to see, not to mention it is right next to the beach. A win win in my book!

As 2013 gets underway, where are you dreaming to travel?


  1. I would love to go skiing across the pond. I saw your pics from Aspen - so jealous! Hoping to make it there eventually... for both skiing and shopping.


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