Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Down the Slopes

Greetings from Aspen! I am all about trying new things and this week is no exception. I came on this trip having never skied in my life, ever. I could not pass up the opportunity to learn how to ski on the mountains of Aspen. Thus, I booked myself into a 3 day school ski with day 1 already completed.
I chose to ski Buttermilk Mountain which is one of the best beginner mountains out there. My instructor told me about the well groomed and forgiving snow. Buttermilk is also home to the X-Games which will be getting underway in late January. Its pretty awesome skiing next to the half-pipe where Shaun White wins gold medals.
I have to admit, I was a bit nervous when I clipped into my skis and was about to head down the virtually slope-less starting point. My instructor taught me how to properly make turns and I practiced on this very low slope run until I became more comfortable. We then moved to the chair lift and the "powder panda" slope which was a bit larger to continue to work on my turns. Yes, I did fall quite a few times! All in all I fell less than I expected.
By the end of the day, however, I was riding on the chair lift that goes to the top of the mountain and skiing on a green run down the mountain. I couldn't believe it! After only one day and never having skied before, I was at the top of the mountain....I was impressed with myself :)
Is skiing my new calling? Perhaps, but it is definitely something I would like to add to my hobby list!

View from the top of Buttermilk Mountain


  1. good for you!! i'm always impressed by people who can ski and learn quickly. my idea of skiing is a lodge, fireplace, bar and great ski outfit!! let's hit the slopes.

    ps. up for circle of mom top 25 fashion and beauty blogs- if you are feeling generous - head on over an place a vote for goodies and besties


  2. Sounds fantastic! I'm absolutely impressed, sounds like you are natural! I've seen others try skiing the first time as an adult, and let's just say not with as great results ;) Enjoy the rest of your ski trip!

  3. Go you!! I haven't been skiing in years. I tried snowboarding a few times and hate it. It's so hard. When I first learned how to ski I picked it up quickly as well. I really should go again!


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