Friday, February 24, 2012

Buckle Up

A belt can be plain and simple, or a belt can be interesting and really make an outfit. Sometimes they are essential for those ill fitting pants we just cant seem to get rid of, but I like to look at a belt as the opportunity to create an exceptional look. 
Take for example for staple belt in my wardrobe: the classic Hermes. If I simply put on a great pair of jeans, a black v-neck, and pair this belt my outfit is instantly elevated. I tend to gravitate towards styles with large, iconic buckles. 
So why not buckle up?


  1. Love that belt Wes! Thanks for linking up and I hope you have a great weekend. Kori xoxo

  2. Fantastic belt! Hermes always get it perfect.

  3. the buckle says it all :)

  4. Definately , a belt can make the outfit and take it to a higher level of style. Loving that belt :)

  5. i've been obsessed with belts that make a statement lately! i think we are on the same page with this one :)


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