Thursday, August 4, 2011

Confession: Jonathan Adler Obsession

When it comes to clothes or fashion, I can put an outfit together and can usually offer good advice to others. However, when it comes to decorating I do not know a THING. I do know, though, that I love Jonathan Adler furniture or would die if my apartment was furnished by him.

The price of furniture is another thing I will never understand. $4,000 for a sofa...excessive? I wouldnt know, but it sounds like a lot to me. I could have posted a million things from the Jonathan Adler website, but I only selected a few things I like:

Obsessed with the anchor rug. It comes in multiple colors as well

who wouldnt want a lamp with dragons on it?

and to top it all off, this $900 leather Hippo

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Do you love Jonathan Adler's products? Who is your favorite brand for furniture and decorations?


  1. love jonathan adler and am obsessed with that anchor rug. adore all things nautical!

    hey, i think you may appreciate the documentary trailer i posted the other day...maybe you've already seen this film on bill cunningham?

  2. Ahh.. furniture... a weakness! I.m.O, $4k for a couch is a little steep but just fine - of course, i'm all about heading out and finding comparable styles at lower prices, but I can tell you that investing in a $200 mini stool set from Pottery Barn last month felt GOOD. I think it's important to purchase a few stylish, clean, high quality items for your home - then work around those with cheaper accessories. :) I eyeballed a couch for two years, and guess what - after all of that time spent drooling, I'm sitting on it right now :) Priorities, my friend ;)

  3. I love him too, but totally agree with the prices! That hippo is FABULOUS though!

  4. I so understand you on how much furniture cost. But when I decorated my apartment I used high-end companies as reference and found replications for cheap.


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