Friday, August 12, 2011

Icon: Nickelson Wooster

Many of you may have heard of this ex Bergdorf Goodman Men's  Fashion Director turned consultant for Gilt Man- he is one of the current, top fashion icons in my opinion. I like to think of him as the male version of Linda Fargo. 

What makes him such a style icon that publications such as GQ turn to him at the start of a new season for his top picks? He knows how to dress and has true style. What do I mean by this? He isnt afraid to wear a camo jacket with a light pink shirt underneath, he is both edgy with his tattoos and beard while still remaining sophisticated in seersucker and pinstripe suits.

Having true style shows with his experimenting attitude- he's not afraid to wear things that are "unsafe" Many think that a man that knows how to dress well or wears fashion-forward things makes him feminine, ect. Wooster breaks this highly believed stereotype.

Wooster knows how to pair things exceptionally well, choose the right accessories, step out the door with impeccable tailoring, and still use Fresh Direct for his groceries like the rest of us.

Have a look for yourself:




What do you think of him? If you are into Tumblr I would recommend following Nickelson Wooster's


  1. love him! going to tumblr now! xx

  2. He is absolute perfection - I love his tattoos, it gives him such an edge and makes him more real and appealing. His style is all his own, and I think he's fabulous.
    Lovely post, dear!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog and I like it. I'm coming back for more. Xoxo

    Rocio R.

  4. i like her look.

    sorry for my english i'm french.

  5. wow -- what a stud! love love love the nautical coat.

  6. he's definitely worthy of being an icon.

  7. he has such a great style

    this blog is really cool. i'm a new follower
    check out my blog!



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