Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Colorful Cashmere

It may seem crazy writing about cashmere when it is 90+ degrees in many places on the East coast. However, I have been wearing cashmere a lot this summer. It really is the best fabric and so comfortable. Pictured above is an array of cable cashmere by Ralph Lauren. How am I wearing cashmere in the humidity of the East coast? Over my shoulders of course!

Sitting in an air conditioned office all day can become quite cold, so I throw a brightly colored cashmere sweater in my bag each morning. Bright oranges, greens, or navy go great with many other summer colors, especially white! I throw it over my shoulders when I get to the office and as the day goes on, and I get colder, I can just throw it on over an oxford or polo. Its very easy, classic, and of course, preppy.


  1. Cashmere sweaters are the best...what beautiful colors! xx

  2. Such beautiful colors! Cashmere really is the best!


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