Friday, October 21, 2011

Fashion Friday: Casual in the City

Last night I had the opportunity to dine at BG at Bergdorf Goodman. What does one wear when dining chez Bergdorfs? The weather felt a lot like fall, so a merino cardigan, polo, and drivers only seemed appropriate.

Cardigans are perfect for fall when you do not need a full on jacket, but need something for the chill in the air. Drivers create the perfect mix of casual yet sophisticated. I was having a "moment" in Central Park:

Cardigan: Rag&Bone
Jeans: Rock&Republic
Polo: Ralph Lauren
Belt: Hermes
Shoes: Prada

What are some of your go to pieces for fall? Dont forget to check out other Fashion Friday posts at Blonde Episodes


  1. I am loving your 'moment'!! Fantastic fashion for a fall evening :)

  2. You are adorable Wes honey! Hope you had a great time. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend in NYC! Kori xoxo

  3. i posted about my fall go to as well! love and jealous of your moment in central park! xo

  4. awesome outfit, and great photos!

    All best wishes,
    Costin M. |

  5. Love the look.. Bergdorfs is always amazing.. Amazing clothes and awesome late tea in the afternoon.. Especially when you get to sit on those cool looking chairs..

    Hugs! ~Angel

  6. damn, boy! you have got some HAIR! i think i'm jealous!!! :p lookin good


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