Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Visit to LL Bean

LL Bean, the Maine based brand us Prepsters love. They operate most business through their website, with a few brick and mortar locations- one being in Maine of course. However, LL Bean recently opened up shop near by, so I had to check it out. The store is absolutely huge, and they have an amazing selection of fleeces, flannels, and khakis. Whats not to love?

sorry for the poor Blackberry quality..

I took the opportunity to try on the 10" fleece lined Bean Boots so I knew what size I would be, and they are currently on their way to me :)

Do you love LL Bean?


  1. I love LL Bean. I love my canvas bag from their with the monogram!

  2. I love LL Bean! I got up to the store in Maine umpteen years ago. It was heavenly! I need to order some turtlenecks. Their fleece is to die for, too!

  3. I love LL Bean! Their bean boots and flannel shirts are my absolute fave! They have fabulous customer service and their products last forever

  4. I only have two items: a sweater and a button up pinstripe shirt that I wear underneath it. Neither fit me anymore but I refuse to give them away lol. They WILL one day fit again hehe ;)

  5. LL Bean is so preppy! I love the backpacks for kids! :)

  6. I love LL Bean, but have never been in a store. Fun!


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