Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Mixed Feelings

Sorry for a lack of post yesterday. I had a midterm (number 2 in the same class to be exact) even though its the end of the semester in like 3 weeks (cannot believe/dont want to think about it).

Today's wordless wednesday: Mixed Feelings....thats how i feel right now. So many deadlines, expectations, confusion with people, people's opinions of me, leaving new york, ect.


  1. Cheer up buttercup! Hope everything gets better...I definitely have had a few days like that this past month.

  2. Here's to an extra measure of energy to get through the end of the term! (((hugs)))

  3. I think I felt much the same way through most of my college career. It's odd, isn't it? I remember the year that I chose to not go home for the sumer. It was really hard on my family, but it was such an amazing experience for me :) To be working (with no school) for 3.5 months. Living like an adult.

    Just a thought. But don't tell the fam, they would hate me :-o

    And then again...there is always the Hamptons!

  4. Keep Your Chin UP! Everything will work itself out!

  5. mixed emotions - highs and lows - ick. i hate those feelings.

    take a few minutes to remember to breath! journal a lot and i'm sure it will come to you!


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