Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Too Much is Never Enough: Wallets

We use one everyday or almost everyday so why not have options?? Its a good excuse to have a lot. Here's a few of mine.

we all get excited when we see that orange box :)

This is usually my standard if im not carrying a card case.

this one is great for traveling when you have to take every credit card you own, ID, more random cards, cash, ect. Just stuff it full

Too Much is Never Enough Series

I'm running low on all my mini "collections"....thats where you come in! I'd love to do a reader's version. Send me a picture of something that you love, and have a lot of!


  1. Oh my gosh, LOL,
    your collection is very impressive!!

  2. I agree, very impressive collection!

  3. I agree, I have a similar collection of LV and Gucci wallets, coin purses, check books, etc. Fabulous!

  4. Such a great collection! I guess I would be considered boring just caring a Coach card case and matching money clip! Does it help I have a Lacoste money clip that I got for being the first customer at the Lacoste Cincinnati Opening?

  5. Your collection is fantastic, I need to build up my non-existent one...lol


    p.s. hope you're having a great week!


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