Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Springtime St Germain Cocktails

One of my favorite things about the warmer weather, longer days, and spring season is enjoying refreshing cocktails on the patio in the sun or next to the fire bowl during warm evenings. St. Germain, the artisanal French liqueur, is a great way to elevate cocktails for the spring season. I love the refreshing flavor it brings to any recipe to which it is added.

One of my favorite, and easy, springtime cocktails to make is the classic "Signature St Germain." This drink is super easy and is great for serving to a crowd as it is simple enough to serve in a carafe or pitcher. Not to mention I simply love the flavor of St Germain and their slogan says it all "La Vie Parisienne en Bouteille"....who could want more?

St-Germain Cocktail

1 1⁄2 parts St-Germain
2 parts Champagne or dry white wine
2 parts club soda or sparkling water

Stir ingredients in a tall, ice-filled Collins glass, mixing completely. Garnish with a lemon twist. If necessary, substitute sparkling wine, Prosecco or Cava for Champagne. For the dry white wine, Sauvingon Blanc works best.

*I like to add my own personal touch and add a few fresh seasonal berries. This particular time, strawberries fit the bill!

Looking for  more great ways to incorporate St Germain into your springtime sips? Try these additional recipes below!

Springtime Punch
14oz Bombay Sapphire gin
7 oz St-Germain artisanal French elderflower liqueur
1 spring of sage
6 oz Fresh guava juice
6 oz Lemon juice
Black peppercorn

Sangria Flora 
3 Cups Sauvignon Blanc or Dry white wine
¾ Cups St-Germain artisanal French elderflower liqueur
5 Fresh Strawberries (halved)
5 Fresh Raspberries
5 Fresh Blackberries
10 Fresh Grapes

Stir ingredients in a carafe. Let the mixture soak for 15 minutes (or longer if desired), then pour into ice-filled glasses. *The fruits listed are merely suggestions. Many combinations of local, seasonal fruit will work nicely with St-Germain. Be creative! Serves 4-6 people.

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