Friday, April 24, 2015

Men's Spring Hairstyles from American Crew Expert

Everyone is refreshing everything with the spring season. From fresh wardrobes to new decor in the home, it is the new of year for new. I asked Patti Davenport, an American Crew All-Star Educator, what the top spring hairstyles are for men. In addition to her role as an educator for the go-to for men's grooming, Patti serves as the director of shaving and skincare at Groom for Men in Milwaukee, WI. Below are her picks for the top looks for short, medium, and long hair this season as well as tips on how to achieve them.

"Right now the classics are king, regardless of length. We are seeing men from all walks of life parting, combing and taking the utmost care in grooming today. The shapes and styles of our grandfathers’ era are definitely trending right now." 

For your shorter lengths think 'high and tight with a Don Draper twist,' meaning we are seeing fully exposed sides with either comparable length on top or extremely long pomps on top. Style with our medium to high shine puck products to achieve a variety of sheen options. My personal favorite on blondes and dark hair colors is American Crew Grooming Cream. This product will ensure the look lasts all day, reflects tons of light and holds regardless of humidity! For the guys with that longer disconnected pomp, a favorite is American Crew Alternator. It can be used as a finisher to hold it all together while keeping hair touchable.

Medium lengths are definitely still 'Don Draper-esqe.' This shape is the classic contour, a taper hugging the lower neckline and then “comb-able” lengths throughout. The key with this style is showing the comb lines, so keeping it very clean and academic and styled just right with the use of a pocket comb and NEW American Crew Liquid Wax. The best part about Liquid Wax is the ability to style with your comb right out of the shower, then let it air dry and it is complete! Holds all day, and if your client wants to take it from classic to more casual, he just needs to run his fingers through his hair to get a more lived-in texture.

For longer lengths.... shall I dare say man buns?! This is a definite phenomenon we are seeing especially when the 'undercuts' are growing into longer lengths on the top of the head. If this is your style, American Crew Alternator is king here! It holds all the hairs in place but also gives some texture to the surface of the hair so it is not so slippery when putting into a top knot. If your client is going for the Jared Leto look, spray in American Crew Alternator when damp, rake fingers through and let air dry.”

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