Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It might still be summer by the books (until September 22) but a lot of us are getting anxious for fall and making the transition from summer wardrobing to fall wardrobing. With the weather still feeling quite like summer, it can be hard to make the transition.

Transitioning into fall can be easy by incorporating some fall patterns or colors while still utilizing summer staples. I paired this madras sport coat by Ralph Lauren with kelly green summer weight chinos. To add a little more of a transitional feel, I paired the look with a navy polo versus a summer white or brighter, orange polo for example.

Look is still bright and preppy, but screams neither summer nor fall. The look was easily accessorized with an equestrian inspired belt by Knot Belt Co and classic brown loafer.

How are you incorporating elements of fall wardrobing into your daily outfits?


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