Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekend in the Country

The city is so invigorating and filled with energy, but after a bit of time I find it to be extremely draining, even in the summer. I reached one of these points recently where all I could think about was getting out of the city, just for a bit of time. While most Manhattanites escape to the Hamptons on summer weekends, I escaped home to the country. 

A simple, slow-paced way of life filled with greenery and fresh air. My major reasoning for having to go home wasnt great, but it was great to spend a bit of time at home. It was definitely needed before school is in full force...only 2 weeks away!! :(


  1. Looks so gorgeous there! The country is SO relaxing. :)

  2. Beautiful! Hope you enjoyed being home. :)

  3. when i was living in ny and i would come back home to chicago i would sleep for hours and hours - sometimes you really just need to recharge. even going from ny to chicago was a big difference in pacing.

  4. sorry to hear the reason wasn't the best, but hope your weekend at home was everything you needed!


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