Thursday, July 19, 2012

Interview Essentials from an "Unprofessional"

I have multiple interviews set up over the next couple of days, and while I am by far no expert on interviewing, I have had my fair share of interviews with big names.
I had one this morning, so my mind is fresh on the topic. Let me just say, dressing for an interview in the city in 90 weather is not fun! Naturally, I just wanted to wear my Lilly shorts and boat shoes, but we all know that isnt an option.

So what are my interview essentials?
  • Resume, cover letter, any other documents...2 copies each!
  • Knowledge of the your research before hand
  • I like to use a document case instead of a large bag. More professional in my opinion (pictured below)
  • Prepare questions in advance to show your interest in the brand

Happy Interviewing! 

1 comment:

  1. Ah, great advice! Definitely know what you mean about the dress code, haha, I had a casual interview, but the girls in tank tops just looked realllly bad.


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