Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Few LA Essentials

Source: via Leeann on Pinterest

Since Ill be jetting off to LA tomorrow, what better way hear about the best of the city than from someone who knows it inside and out?

Hello there Life Through Preppy Glasses readers! I am so honored to be guest posting today. Normally, I'm over at my blog, Join the Gossip, chatting about anything and everything. Stop by and say hi sometime. I love making new bloggin' buds!

Since the stylish owner of this here blog is always posting about the IT places in NYC - be it bars, restaurants, or shops - I thought I'd bring a little part of my side of the country to this fabulous blog! So let's take a tour of my city, Los Angeles.
Let's start with breakfast, first we'll head to Toast to savor a delicious breakfast as we sit on the patio located on trendy Melrose Avenue. After we've devoured our sweet treats and gulped up the last of our lattes, we'll do some shopping. First up is little boutiques and vintage shops like Buffalo Exchange, then high end shops like Alexander McQueen and DVF. Upon realizing that no matter how much we dream we just can't afford the clothes, we'll head over to do some more reasonable shopping at Marc Jacobs.

By now it should be about time for lunch so let's go to the center of Hollywood - Hollywood and Highland which is home to the Kodak Theater and home of the Oscars. This is the place to take in Hollyweird. From the Walk of Fame to the grown man in the Sponebob suit, people watching comes easy. Once we've pushed through the crowds, we can make a stop at Micheli's for some pizza, Hollywood's oldest Italian restaurant. To walk off our full tummies, we'll head over to an old prohabition bar tucked away right off Hollywood Boulevard called Boardner's. This cool, but errie, place is the last place The Black Dahlia was ever seen alive. They even have a drink named after her which we'll order, of course!

Since we've covered the Hollywood region let's get out of town for some slow paced beach time. We'll head to Santa Monica and stroll on the pier, take lots of scenic pictures, and maybe hop on a few rides before jumping back into the car and opening the sunroof as we drive down Pacific Coast Highway toward Malibu. Our final stop will be at Duke's. Our final mission is complete once we grab a window seat and watch the waves crash under the eatery while we sip on cocktails, dine on seafood, and enjoy the sunset.

Source: via Leeann on Pinterest

So who wants to join me for the perfect day in LA?! I'd be happy to show you around :)


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