Friday, November 18, 2011

Rainy Day Chic

Wednesday night I went to the Standard Grill with a few of my friends for my birthday. Earlier in the day I said to someone "ugh what am I going to wear...its raining now" If you know me, you know I always claim I have nothing to wear. It was the Standard Grill in the trendy meatpacking area so I had to find something good. My friend responded "do rainy day chic"...not sure what exactly rainy day chic is, but this is what I picked.

I went with a dark outfit since it was the evening and it was raining. Dark denim and a dark polo and blazer.

Rain Boots: Ralph Lauren
Denim: 7 for all Mankind
Belt: Hermes
Polo: Ralph Lauren
Blazer: Rag&Bone

I love the details on the blazer. Whats better than quilted elbow patches??

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  1. I hope the dinner was fantastic! You looked great. That blazer is amazing!

    How is the foot/ankle? Did you get to the doctor?

  2. Happy birthday! hope you enjoyed your celebration. and the outfit is perfect!

  3. smashing willies!

  4. The Hermes belt is to die... PS - the sparkly shoes were Kate Spades, and I just love them so. Happy birthday to you!!!

  5. Loving the belt...HB friend! Thanks for linking up honey. I hope you can link up again this Friday. Have a blessed week! Kori xoxo

  6. I'm obsessing over your rain boots and quilted elbow patches....amazing!

  7. I love your boots & belt.


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