Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nothing Beats A Check

In my opinion, there's not many things better than a little hint of that infamous British check showing on your outfit. The perfect combination of classic and preppy. Of all the British brands I love, Barbour, Jack Wills, Barker Black, Burberry is hands down my favorite. 

My mild obsession with the iconic brand is evident in the fact that I already own a quilted jacket, a vest, a golf jacket, and a down ski jacket. However, a classic trench is still on my list. When the weather turns cold, the shades of tan, black, red, and white will be tied around my neck. 

One must know how to have the right amount of check. Thinking about pairing your check rain boots, jacket, and scarf all at the same time? Please dont. You will look like you are trying too hard and ruin our favorite check for the rest of us. 

Its a warm, rainy day in New York. Sounds like the perfect day to turn those cuffs up on that quilted jacket.


  1. I agree, I can't stand when people where all their burberry at once! Minimal with burberry is best! I have my eye on the quilted jacket!

  2. Agreed! You CAN have too much of good thing :)

  3. Love Burberry, but I"m almost at the point that I love most things English.

  4. I couldn't agree with you more! Love that pattern, adds the perfect touch of class!


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