Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The House that Kate and Andy Spade Built

I've been doing a lot of apartment searching within the past few days. Mainly because i like looking at apartments, but even more so because i want my own! Through my searching, I came across some photos of Andy and Kate Spade's Park Avenue apartment, and knew many of you would probably enjoy some of the photos.

Kate and Andy have built brands that are centered around simple, classic styles. They have built respectable empires and established great names for themselves. Their apartment is a tad eclectic yet preppy, and 100% timeless and classic.

We all remember the section of True Prep entitled decorating with books right??

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  1. see if you can find a picture of their guest bathroom. it's green and white with zebras(?) it's fabulous.

  2. I WISH they were my own pics! They are far better pics than I could ever capture. Glad you liked them. Love your blog!

    xo, Your Newest Follower


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