Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lonny Mag Loves Lilly

Lonny Magazine, an online publication, recently featured Lilly Pulitzer in its issue. Thought this would be something fun to share. If you haven't heard of Lonny before, you will probably become obsessed and keep reading it!

All images courtesy of the current issue of Lonny Mag

The page below explains how all the prints for the designs are house. Each print is designed and painted by hand compliments of the in-house print team which many people do not know exists! They're so talented.

The last page of the write up features the wonderful KOP store. The captured all the elements from the summer remodel. From the zebra bathroom to the Philadelphia toile fitting room, the KOP store is truly a real life showcase of the wonderful print team.

check out the current issue online to read the actual article!


  1. I love Lilly. I must admit, I have zero lilly ANYTHING... and the only reason is, once I start, I know I will not be able to stop! And that would be a very dangerous thing to become addicted to :) K-cups, Bath and Body Works hand soap, Ghiradelli chocolates... it's neverending.

  2. I wish it wasn't on line though. I've been to the pink palace in KOP-divine. As for Switzerland, I was only in Geneva between trips to the ALPS but I skied there when I was 16-beautiful.


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