Thursday, August 9, 2012

Prep Staple: The Blazer

The blazer, arguably the most classic piece of clothing that hides in our closets. For fellow preps it is the staple in the khaki and oxford school uniform, a necessity at club dinners, and the go-to for everything else. 
Ive actually been wearing them more than normal recently. Perhaps its because I've formed a bad habit of going to expensive restaurants that require jackets in the dinning room? Anyway, I love them nonetheless. My favorite blazer in my closet is the following from Jack Wills, London:


This blazer screams preppy with the navy and red stripes. Very Chuck Bass if I do say so myself.

Im more of a single breasted person- for whatever reason I feel like double breasted blazers just dont do anything for me. I do love them, however, for their classic aspect. The following outfit embodies why us preps just love a good blazer:


  1. That blazer is very Chuck Bass! I have a Brooks Brothers double breasted blazer and while I love it's classic vibe, I just don't find myself reaching for it as much as my single breasted one.


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