Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feeling Casual: What I Wore

Its one of those day where I dont feel like putting that much effort into my outfit. This could be caused by the exhausting day I had yesterday, or the fact that you just never know when its going to rain around here anymore. Still, I like to look semi-presentable when stepping out the door.

What I wore:

tshirt: Banana Republic
Sweatshirt: Rag&Bone
Jeans: True Religion
Bag: Louis Vuitton


True Religion

Louis Vuitton

Do you ever have days where you prefer to just be in sweatpants all day, but know that that would be kind of unacceptable? 

Im now on Pinterest...I dont really have any idea what I'm doing yet, but you can find me HERE


  1. I love pinterest! I spend way way to much time on it! Great casual outfit!

  2. I have those days alll the time. On M/W I only have class from 8-10 so I always want to just roll out of bed...but I try to at least look a little put together and will throw on yoga pants or my most comfy Hudson jeans and a patagonia! T/R is a different story since I have my major classes all day and am on campus from 9-330!

    I am on pinterest too, a lot...you'll know from the amount of pins I have haha! I'll find you now!


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